Rae Ballard   Artistic Director


       Dances Around the World


Let Agent Sunny Landing lead you on a worldwide tour that uncovers clues relating to her mission:  to solve the mystery of dance.  As you travel to a variety of countries with Sunny, the traditional folk dances and contemporary choreography capture your attention and get your fingers snapping and toes tapping.  You’ll soon realize that Rae Ballard’s Thoughts in Motion Dance Company dances with “…finesse, simplicity, as well as feeling” (Show Business), creating an experience sure to delight children of all ages


     A Long Road Home
explores how soldiers integrate their memories of war with present-day reality. Using a combination of text, music and movement, this powerful dance/theater work expresses the veterans’ experience readjusting to civilian life in a country where most people go about their lives with little thought or understanding of what the troops are experiencing. This piece also focuses on the new role of female combatants and the challenges they face.


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